One of the ultimate joys as endurance athletes is to experience flow: a full immersion and focus in the presence of our movement. This is achieved when we perfectly combine skill with action and awareness, and everything from the training we’ve done to the food we’ve fueled with clicks. As we've all likely experienced at some point in our athletic careers, we tap into the "zone" and feel like we can ride or run or move through the mountains forever. We've become one with movement.

I believe there's a very important connection between the quality of our movement and the quality of our food, enhancing this flow state and thus the experience of our athletic performance.

I'm here to help you fuel your performance while sustaining long term health, and eat in a way that reflects our connection as athletes to the natural environment through personalized sports nutrition coaching support and education. Beyond this, though, my true goal is to help facilitate and fuel the flow of meaningful movement.

Founder and head coach Jackson Long was born and raised in the mountains of Idaho, competing as a cyclist and cross country skier before earning a degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado with certificates in public health and plant-based nutrition, and eventually a master's degree in Applied Nutrition. With over 13 years of endurance training and racing experience in cycling, skiing, and trail running, Jackson is a passionate mountain athlete. However, his diet didn’t always meet the needs of his endurance pursuits. After struggling with health issues and poor performance in 2014, Jackson adopted a plant-based diet. This catalyzed a complete shift in understanding health and performance, and stimulated a deep fascination with evidence-based nutrition. Jackson is a sports nutritionist, TEDx speaker, and host of the In The Flow podcast.


Jackson specializes in nutrition education and consultation for endurance athletes seeking to shift towards a more plant-based way of eating for health, environmental and ethical considerations, and athletic performance. In The Flow Nutrition is designed to integrate the tenets of evidence-based nutrition for athletic performance and long term health with an athlete’s activity and training goals.