Jackson Long

mountain athlete | podcaster | speaker | nutrition nerd | photographer/videographer | burrito lover | coffee snob

Photo by Cody Mann.


I grew up in the mountains of Idaho, where I developed a passion for playing in the mountains, mainly by bike. My interest in athletic performance led me to the world of plant-based nutrition science and education, and my heart lies where these two worlds meet: promoting a healthy, compassionate, and adventurous lifestyle.  

Combining my love of moving my body in the mountains and plant-based nutrition has evolved into some really amazing things, including the creation of the Thought For Food Podcast, a TEDx talk, a plant-based cycling camp, and a budding love for photography and videography.

Past/current projects include:

In The Flow Podcast | host/producer

Thought For Food Lifestyle | co-founder/podcast co-host

FasCat Training Tips Podcast and YouTube channel | producer/co-host

Make Pooping Great Again TEDx talk

Plant-Based Cycling Camp

Crusher in the Tushar short film


Bachelor's in Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado, Boulder

Master's of Science, Applied Nutrition (University of New England)

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, eCornell University


Photo: Justin Diamond

Photo: Justin Diamond

photo: Justin Diamond

photo: Justin Diamond

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