As athletes, we are constantly nudging up against our limits both physically and mentally - and always searching for ways to improve performance and reach higher.

Many of us also seek a lifestyle that aligns with our values as stewards for the environment we move in, compassion towards the animals we share it with, and promoting long-term health and disease prevention. What and how we eat is tightly connected to all of this. Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular for their health, environmental, and ethical benefits, even among elite athletes. But doing it optimally for both performance and health is often a significant challenge, and that’s where In The Flow comes in.

As a performance nutritionist, I’m here to support you in achieving that optimal and beautiful flow between mindful performance, long term health, and environmental sustainability through good food and meaningful movement. With an applied & evidence-based approach to endurance nutrition education and personalized coaching and consulting, my goal is to change the way you experience life as an athlete.


About jackson

Growing up steeped in mountain culture and endurance athletics from a young age in the small town of Sun Valley, Idaho, I’ve cultivated a love for pushing my body to its limits on the bike, running, and nordic ski trails. My obsession with human performance as a competitive athlete led to pursuing a degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado and eventually the realization that nutrition is absolutely critical for health and athletic performance after struggling with improper eating habits while racing as an elite road cyclist. I then co-founded a nutrition podcast, did a TEDx talk about poop, completed a master’s degree in Applied Nutrition, and started my second podcast focused on sports nutrition for endurance athletes. I’m currently enrolled in a post-graduate Diploma in Performance Nutrition program through the Institute of Performance Nutrition.

In addition to educating and consulting with athletes on nutrition, I co-host and produce the FasCat Cycling Podcast and coach the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s cross country ski team.

I’ve become an advocate for a plant-based dietary pattern for long term health, environmental sustainability and compassion towards animals, and fueling the lives of athletes. My general philosophy is that food is weaved through every aspect of our lives and impacts as athletes, humans, and members of Planet Earth. As such, we should strive to eat in a way that balances long-term nourishment with performance, environmental sustainability, and compassion without obsessing too much about the details. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds.

When I’m not podcasting, coaching, or studying the sports nutrition literature, you can find me suffering in the mountains, meditating, or drinking fancy coffee.


In The Flow Podcast

I’m kind of obsessed with podcasting. I’ve recorded, edited, and published over 300 episodes across 4 different shows, and my latest creation is what spawned In The Flow Nutrition. In The Flow podcast is dedicated to finding flow through long form conversations on the topics I care deeply about: evidence-based nutrition for athletes, plant-based nutrition science, meditation, mountain and endurance athletic performance, the flow state, and beyond so that we may cultivate more meaningful movement and healthier, happier lives.

I share nutrition and exercise science education, talk with interesting humans, and otherwise go deep on important topics for living a fulfilling and adventurous life. Check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

What others say about In The Flow:

“With In The Flow, Jackson presents scientific responses to important issues, tying together multi-faceted connections between food, physical wellness, mental wellness, environmental sustainability, social media, and probably many other topics I haven't picked up on. I loved the Thought For Food podcast, but Jackson is cultivating something special with this project. He presents a nice combination of science and his/others' personal anecdotes, creating a unique and often holistic perspective on important topics. His intentionality shows, from the podcast name to his discussions, and it's refreshing in a world that is anything but intentional. Jackson has a bright professional career ahead of him, and this is surely only the beginning.”

“In this podcast, the host Jackson explores the most critical aspects of a healthy lifestyle from an athlete's perspective that is both scientifically objective and accessible to folks without a scientific background. This balance is perfect for folks who are trying to understand the complex and often conflicting world of nutritional science as it is portrayed to the public. His approach presents the nuances of the true science before zooming out and putting the results in context - namely, that staying healthy is not as complicated or challenging as a review of the literature might reveal. Simply eating whole foods, moving your body, socializing with friends, and prioritizing sleep is all it takes to stay healthy. I always learn something from Jackson's interviews with athletes and respect his dedication to discuss less covered topics in the world of athletics such as exercise addiction and relative energy deficiency. If you are an athlete looking to maximize performance, a weekend warrior looking to make the most of your limited training, or otherwise looking to live a healthier lifestyle then this podcast is for you!”